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Hummus and Vegetable Board


If you’re looking to create a delightful hummus and vegetable board that will impress your friends and family this board is packed with a colorful array of fresh vegetables, smoky black-eyed pea hummus, sweet and savory sweet potato hummus, and plain hummus drizzled with a lil’ hot honey.


Hummus 3 Ways

Black Eyed Pea Hummus

Sweet Potato Hummus

Plain Hummus

The Veggie Board

Stone fruit

Kalamata or green olives

Heirloom cherry tomatoes

Persian cucumber

Rainbow Carrots

Pickled Okra

Pta chips

Root vegetable chips

Blue corn tortilla chips


Prepare the hummus according to their directions

Arrange the dips on a large platter or serving board. Arrange the fruits,veggies, pita chips, root vegetable chips, and tortilla chips around the dips. Garnish with fresh herbs and or edible flowers. Serve each dip with pita chips.